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In global and Slovenian tourism, we are witnessing a situation we have never known before. The virus has caused a global crisis in tourism, the most severe restrictions and it stopped all travels. The doors were closed by sights, hotels, restaurants, ski resorts, museums and of course travel and outdoor agencies like ours.


Bellow we are listing security measures our agency took after the Corona Epidemic to make our guests safer + TOP outdoor activities and tours we offer during this time. 


To assure safety to our guest during trips and activities in Slovenia we had to make some changes.


World, European and Slovenian tourism has completely stopped for a few months. Now everything is slowly getting back on normal tracks. On Friday, June 29th, the first passenger plane landed at the Jože Pučnik Airport in Slovenia since lifting the state of emergency due to the corona virus. With this event Ljubljana Airport is restarting international air passenger traffic. All the other tourist activities in Slovenia are also slowly restarting and inviting visitors, so our agency is reopening its doors on 15th of June and attracting visitors to take part in the many activities we offer.

However, we must nevertheless be very careful as the virus is still present among us.  Because all employees in our agency are aware that caution is never superfluous and that the health and safety of our customers always comes first, we have also taken some safety measures. In this way we will enable all our visitors to enjoy our activities & tours safely and carefree. One of our measures is that in the van in which we safely transport our customers to different tourist location around Slovenia, we made a step back and lowered the max. number of passenger in a van from 8 people like we did before the epidemic to only 5 people at a time, because we need to ensure adequate safety distance between all passengers, which is at least 1,5 or 2 meters. This measure will be in place until the risk is over. In addition, we are also gonna be following all hygiene and disinfecting regulations to ensure maximum safety.

Vintgar gorge shuttle Bled
Zipline in slovenia


Below we are listing the safest trips and activities that can be done during corona in Slovenia.

 The most recommended tours & activities at this time are of course those happening outdoors. Slovenia, with its rich nature, offers a huge variety of opportunities. During this time, our agency will make sure that all the activities and tours we offer take place in small groups and out in the open air. The best and most appropriate activities & tours that follow all safety precautions at this time are listed bellow

If you will participate in any of the listed activities & tours, we can assure you that you will be completely safe as far as the corona virus is concerned. Besides that, during all these adventures you will be in nature breathing fresh air, furthermore we will make sure you will have a day full of fun, positivity and exciting adrenaline.


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They are all taking place outdoors in beautiful nature and fresh air!


View other Activities
They are all taking place outdoors in beautiful nature and fresh air!

If you need any sort of help organising this years holidays in Slovenia we are here to help you plan safe and unforgettable experience.

You can always contact us on or call us +38640121900 and we will always be happy to help!

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