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Motorhome hire offers holiday full of versatility, flexibility and sense of adventure that cannot be beaten. Whether you are looking to explore beautiful Slovenia under your own steam, fancy a few home comforts at a weekend festival or broadening your horizons to explore some of Europe’s most beautiful locations our motorhome will provide you with the perfect home for your adventure. Traveling with a Motorhome is an unforgettable experience. It does not matter how old you are, what your travel habits are…after you Rent a Motorhome and  travel with it you will never want to sleep in the Hotel again!

Rental Options

Standard Motorhomes

We offer a wide range of standard motorhomes that come fully equipped, for your hire and adventure you will remember for years to come!

High Class Motorhomes

Luxury doesn’t just mean big because luxury motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes. What sets apart high class motorhomes from  standard ones are the amenities and the overall quality. Stay in a high class motorhome,  and you’ll never want to leave!


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