Slovenian tourism & coronavirus

Slovenia was the first European country to declare the end of coronavirus epidemic!

Slovenia, located between Austria and Croatia was the first in Europe to declare that the
epidemic is over. We have recorded just over a hundred deaths from Covid-19 which has
been great success for our country and a great achievement of which we are very proud.
During last fourteen days we recorded only one case of corona virus infection, which was
isolated, consequently the epidemic in Slovenia is under complete control.


Impact of coronavirus on Slovenian tourism

Nevertheless Slovenian tourism has suffered great damage. With foreign visitors of the
country down by 78 percent. People working in tourism must now, more than ever join
forces, knowledge and experience to make plans that will revive Slovenian tourism and
attract tourists back to our beautiful and safe country.
Everyone that has ever visited Slovenia knows that it is extraordinary beautiful and diverse
country known for its wonderful nature. We have everything from mountains, lakes, forests,
rivers and also the seaside.

We must of course understand the fact that tourism starts working properly again is
extremely important for our country’s economy as tourism represents 10 percent of our
country’s GDP and because we almost don’t detect infections with coronavirus among the
population anymore, our government is planning to start with tourist season as soon as the
first of June which is great news.


Slovenian government and people working in tourism are both doing everthing in their power to keep tourist safe

Authority in Slovenia is working very hard to make sure all the touristic facilities are going to
be secure and safe for all the visitors. Nacional institute for public health developed so
called “corona standards” so that every visitor from foreign countries that will be
accommodated in hotels or other touristic facilities are going to be treated according to this
new corona standards, because health of Slovenians as well as foreigners is always in the
first place. The Government as well as employees in tourism, hospitality industry, catering
business, hotel management and all the Slovenian residents will do everything that is in our
power to make sure that staying in our country is totally safe in order for everyone to have
pleasant stay in our beautiful country and that holidays in Slovenia will be completely
without inconvenience.

It is expected that foreign visitors will have to follow some safety measures when visiting
Slovenia. The most important is to follow hygienic standards such as washing your hands,
disinfecting and wearing masks.


We are here to help and offer you a safe and pleasant stay in Slovenia

It is not known yet if quarantine is part of the new corona measures although tourist have to
bear in mind that there are still some restrictions in our country for example night clubs are
still closed and major events are cancelled until further notice. But the important thing is
that almost 90 percent of all touristic activities that are available in Slovenia will be open for
tourists in the upcoming tourist season.

In the articles that follow we will serve you with many ideas of unique places you can visit all
over Slovenia and variety of activities you can attend. In addition we will keep you informed
of any new actions regarding the virus.
We are looking forward to the first of June and the opening of the most unique and above
all the long-awaited tourist season so far.

If you need any sort of help organising this years holidays in Slovenia we are here to help you plan safe and unforgettable experience.

You can always contact us on or call us +38640121900 and we will always be happy to help!

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