Horse Riding

Riding cross country through the beautiful Triglav National Park in the company of an experienced guide and the wonderful white horses – the Lipizzaners.

The countryside around Bled, Pokljuka, the wonderful Radovna Valley and the eastern part of Triglav National Park offer excellent terrains for beginners as well as for experienced riders. After introduction in the manege even beginners can ride our friendly and well trained horses into the great outdoors.
Our tours with an experienced guide are diverse, from short ascends to lower hills (Senožeta) with the most beautiful view of the surrounding valleys, discovering most charming paths through the woods to a whole day ride through the pristine landscape of Triglav National Park ending with a visit to a typical gorenjska farm and tasting of local cuisine.


TOP TOUR! Enjoy a day trip of your life…Ride with a rack wagon”lojtrnik” !

With “lojtrnik” we will take you to a half day trip through Radovna Valley which mostly lies inside the Triglav Nartional Park. You will experience the magic of one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia, see some sights on the way and enjoy local home made dishes in the local farm inn.
2 hour tour
1 to 4 people
for beginners and experienced guests
45 Euros per person
4 hour tour
1 to 4 people
for experienced guests
90 Euros per person
6 to 7 hour tour
1 to 4 people
for very experienced guests
120 Euros per person
Top tour 5 to 6 hours
5 to 10 people
for all the merry guests
39 Euros per person
Cross country horse riding is possible during all seasons.
All the tours are guided. The price includes equipment and a guide.*
We meet at a pre-arranged location.
We can take maximum five adults and two children (up to 5 years free of charge) on “lojtrnik”. Larger groups or those wishing for more comfort we will add a “zapravljivček” coach. Snack at home farmhouse restaurant is included in the price.

What is a lojtrnik:

Lojtrnik or rack wagon was a farm wagon known also as hay wagon. It was used for hauling strewing, corn, wheat, hay… It was used for work in woods as well for hauling logs, only they took off the sides of the wagon – racks or lojtre. Even though this was a big wagon before World War 2???, it was used for transporting people who were riding it to pilgrimages or day trips. For those occasions the wagon was scrubbed and decorated, especially for transporting trousseau. We don’t see wagons like this these days since they were replaced with more modern means of transportation.


What is Zapravljvček:

With general standard of living rising through villages, boroughs and towns in late 1700s and early 1800s vehicles at individual homesteads began to change as well. Wealthier farmers in particular started to buy masterfully crafted two-axel light coaches with suspension and hand breaks. This coaches were made by blacksmiths, cartwrights and woodworkers and were a prestigious coach used for holidays and special occasions. It was a mark of class difference and prestige.

Zapravljivcek2-horse riding

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