If you would like to catch a beautiful Grayling, a Brown trout, a Huchen trout or a Rainbow trout then fly fishing on the pure Slovenian rivers is just the thing for you.

Slovenija is a beautiful country where many different landscapes meet. There are a lot of pristine natural fishing districts.

In Slovenija an angler can choose between fast clear Alpine rivers, Alpine lakes, dreamy Karst waters, meadow creeks, mountainous rivers and very interesting karst marshes which offer a large diversity of natural biotops.


With our professional guides you will fly fish on emerald green Sava Bohinjka, crystal clear Radovna, emerald green Soča, Idrijca or other Slovenian river suitable for fly fishing
Our guides are seasoned anglers with excellent knowledge of all major fly fishing districts and rich experience in angling for Huchen trout.
1 person per day
150 Euros
2 person per day
180 Euros (95 euros per person)
3 person per day
210 Euros (75 euros per person)
Rent fishing equipment
35 eur/day
We fish on the rivers Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Idrijca, Soča and its tributary Lepenica, Unec and Krka.
One guide will take up to three people. The use of transfer by a guide is 0,30 Euros per kilometer.
Fishing gear is not included in the price.
Fishing permit is not included in the price and costs from 35 to 99 Euros per day depending on the fishing district.


Idrijca river
Idrijca is famous fly fishing district worldwide. Not just because its natural beauty and scenery but also for a great and strong fish. It is full of a beautiful brown trout in the upper part and trophy marble trout in lower parts.
Krka river
Krka river is a typical chalkstream. It flows in central-eastern Slovenia. Its fame among fly- fishermen has begun since they found the beautiful genuine brown trout here. They can reach enormous size because of the richness of food in the water. You may catch rainbows and graylings also.
Radovna river
Radovna is one of the top fly- fishing districts in Slovenia. It is an alpine river with beautiful colorful and picturesque surroundings. Frequent takes, size of the fish and their beauty. You will experience all that here. Radovna is full of browns, chars and rainbows.
Sava Bohinjka river
Sava Bohinjka is one of the best fly- fishing rivers in Slovenia. It is a typical fast alpine river with lots of deep pools. It is an eden for every single fly- fisherman. You may catch large browns, graylings, rainbows, chars and huchens in lower parts.
Soča, Lepena river
Top slovenian fly- fishing district… It has already fascinated many fly- fishermen from around the world with its beauty and color. You may catch huge marble trouts, great graylings and rainbows here.
Unica river
Unica is probably the most famous fly- fishing district in Slovenia. It is a chalkstream type of water which hides trophy graylings and browns in its depths. Famous Edgar Pitzenbauer once said Unica was one of his favourite rivers.


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