Balloon Flight

Hot air balloon flights over Bled or Ljubljana!

Panoramic hot air balloon flight over Bled or Ljubljana is a unique experience. The flight is stabile but direction depends on the wind. Before you take to the air you will be able to see all the preparations of the balloon and after landing you will be baptized as a balloonist and receive a traditional Bled cream cake. We fly all year around in all seasons.
We fly with Balonarski center Barje. Every year they take a lot of domestic and foreign tourist up in the air. Our greatest qualities are expertise, safety, kindness, warmth and helpfulness to our guests.

You will be in the safe hands of kind and expert team of two experienced pilots and guys in the ground team accompanying us. We are proud that our guest leave us satisfied, happy and with unforgettable feelings.


The suitable weather conditions for flying are without precipitations, fog or strong winds lower to the ground. The pilot decides whether to fly or not since he’s responsible for the safety of his passengers.
At the prearranged hour (in the morning or in the afternoon) we gather at the meeting point, where the pilot will measure the wind direction and speed. Based on that he will decide where you will take off from. If at all possible we will consider your wishes.
We have several take off points depending on the wind on the particular day. We choose the take off point regarding wind direction and speed since the only thing moving the hot air balloon through the air is the wind. After we arrive at the take off point it takes about 15 – 20 minutes for the ground crew to prepare the balloon. Then you board it and the pilot takes you up in the air to experience some unforgettable moments. The flight runs for at least an hour to an hour and a half and then we land in the suitable spot. Ground crew is following you on the ground all the time and after landing packs up the balloon without guests help.
When the balloon is packed up it’s time for the traditional ceremony of baptizing a balloonist. If you meet all the conditions you get the title of noble Baron or Baroness, and you are named after the place where you landed. Then we return to the meeting point where we sit down for coffee and if you fly over Bled you get special Bled cream cake for free. And the pilot fills up and confers to you a diploma, your proof of your honorary and noble title of Baron or Baroness.


Flight over Bled
190 Euros per person
Flight over Ljubljana
170 Euros per person
If you wish to fly outside our flight schedule and for flying only one person we charge additional 40 Euros per person. For groups of more than 8 people we offer a 10 % discount. Children up to 12 years old accompanied by their parents get 15 % discount.


The whole experience takes four to five hours
We fly over Bled on tuesday, thursday and saturday.
We fly over Ljubljana on wednesday, friday and sunday.
Decisions concerning the place of lift-off and those concerning the flight are made exclusively by the pilot himself.
The morning flight usualy takes place at 6am.
You get free traditional Bled cream cake for free at the end (only if you fly over Bled)
We meet at a prearranged location.
We recommend similar type of clothes and footwear as needed for hiking in the hills in the same weather conditions. You need warm footwear (apres ski boots), warm parka or jacket, gloves, hat, muffler, sunglasses etc. Balloon reaches altitudes of 2500 – 4000 meters where the temperatures are much lower than on the ground. When flying in the balloon you don’t feel any winds since you are moving together with the air/wind.



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