Balloon Flight


Panoramic hot air balloon flight over Bled is a unique experience full of stunning views of lake Bled, Julian and Karavanke Alps. The flight is stabile but direction depends on the wind. Before you take to the air you will be able to see all the preparations of the balloon and after landing you will be baptised as a balloonist and receive a traditional Bled cream cake. You will be in the safe hands of kind and expert team of two experienced pilots and guys in the ground team accompanying us. We are proud that our guest leave us satisfied, happy and with unforgettable feelings.


We are proud that our guest leave us satisfied, happy and with unforgettable feelings.




At the prearranged hour (in the morning or in the afternoon) we gather in our Mamut office or any other prearranged location.



We have several take off points depending on the wind on the particular day. We choose the take off point regarding wind direction and speed since the only thing moving the hot air balloon through the air is the wind. After we arrive at the take off point it takes about 15 – 20 minutes for the ground crew to prepare the balloon. Then you board it and the pilot takes you up in the air to experience some unforgettable moments. The flight runs for at least an hour to an hour and a half and then we land in the suitable spot. Ground crew is following you on the ground all the time and after landing packs up the balloon without guests help.



When the balloon is packed up it’s time for the traditional ceremony of baptizing a balloonist. If you meet all the conditions you get the title of noble Baron or Baroness, and you are named after the place where you landed. Then we return to the meeting point where we sit down for coffee and if you fly over Bled you get special Bled cream cake for free. And the pilot fills up and confers to you a diploma, your proof of your honorary and noble title of Baron or Baroness.



The suitable weather conditions for flying are without precipitations, fog or strong winds lower to the ground. The pilot decides whether to fly or not since he’s responsible for the safety of his passengers.



-Minimum age: 6 years

-Minimum height: 115 cm (3ft 10in)

-Maximum weight: 120 kg (265lbs)

-Not suitable for pregnant women in the last 3 months of pregnancy










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