Rafting Sava


Rafting on Sava river is a perfect activity for the whole family. On the river you will experience the story that combines pure adventure and glorious nature. Sava river is one of the longest rivers in Europe with two sources both in Slovenia. You will be enjoying Sava Dolinka which rises into Zelenci Pools. During the entire 2h trip you will make your way through beautiful pristine nature surrounded with high Alps. Our experienced guides will entertain you with variety of exciting games to make this adventure a perfect story to tell…


Rafting on Sava river is a perfect activity for beginners specially families with younger kids.



After check-in in our office Mamut office situated right by the main Bus Station in Bled you will meet with the guide and drive to the start in Šobec where you will get all equipment you need for descent. Before jumping in the boats guide will explain some safety and paddling basics. First part has lots of nice rapids and the second one is more calm perfect for different water games. After you finish with Rafting our guides will drive you back to our office.







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