Emerald river tour

The beauty of Trenta valley, the emerald colour of Soča river and hospitality of locals of Bovško enchants everybody.

Visit one of the most beautiful valleys in the world!


Did you know that Emerald river Soča was also a movie set for “Chronicle of Narnia”?



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1. Bled/Ljubljana

The trip begins in Bled/Ljubljana or any other arranged location.




2. Jasna lake

Just before Vršič pass in Kranjska Gora lies Jasna lake. There are walking paths around the lake, which has very clear, green and very cold water. At the lake shore stands a statue of the legendary Zlatorog (mountain goat), a perfect photo opportunity for your album.



3. Vršič – Russian Chapel

Vršič is the highest mountain pass in eastern Julian Alps. The road over the pass was built by Russian prisoners of war during the WWI. Today there is a Russian Chapel built in memory of those prisoners of war and all casualties of WWI. The Chapel is a reminder of the nonsense of world wars.


4. Trenta and the source of Soča

Trenta is a glacial valley in Triglav National Park and is the highest part of Soča valley. The source of Soča is one of the most beautiful karst sources in our mountains. To see the source of Soča we will take a 15 minute walk from the Cottage at the source of Soča. The trail is maintained and partly secured with pitons and steel cables.



5. Bovec

A nice destination in the valley of the emerald river Soča, partly in the heart of the Triglav National Park amidst the summits of Julian Alps is a true holiday paradise. You can relax, have an active vacation and learn about soška fronta (Isonzo front). Bovec is being discovered by numerous film makers and Disney’s Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was partially shot there.


6. Boka waterfall

Boka is a karst water source, a waterfall and a swift mountain stream, a tributary of Soča. Boka waterfall is 106 meter high and 18 meters wide and is the most magnificent waterfall in Slovenija and in Europe. If you add the 33 meter high cascade under it, this is probably the highest waterfall in Slovenia (139 meters).



7. Zip-line/Rafting/Skydiving (Optional)*

On this trip you can decide to do some optional activities. Choose between the best Rafting on river Soča, the biggest Zip-line park in this part of Europe or if you dare jump from 4000m and go Skydiving. You can also decide to do nothing and spend that time visiting one extra waterfall nearby with our guide.


8. Kobarid

Napoleon’s Bridge is a graduated stone bridge over the narrow canyon of Nadiža river, built around 1812 and is a testimony to importance of this transit area from the Roman times onward. The ancient trail from Pradola and Robidišče towards Nadiža runs over the bridge. Kozjak waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia. The waterfall carved a dark chamber but the ceiling has caved in and the chamber is now a pool of blue-green water.


9. Most na Soči

Stands at confluence of rivers Soča and Idrijca. When they built the dam on Soča river for the hydro power plant, a reservoir formed here. The beautiful pristine nature, clear lake water and numerous water fowl are incentive enough to visit the Most na Soči lake.



10. Auto Train

The famed railway track built in 1906 connects Most na Soči and Bohinjska Bistrica. With its quaintness, viaducts and the longest railway tunnel in Slovenija (6327 meters) it will enchant everybody.



11. Bohinj Lake

Bohinj Lake with its 3,19 km2 is the largest permanent natural lake in Slovenija. It lies in Julian Alps at 526 meters above sea level between Pršivec to the North and Vogel to the South. This is one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenija and a true paradise for trekking, skydiving, bathing, adrenaline parks and many other activities.






Bled/Ljubljana or any other arranged location- Kranjska gora (stop – Jasna lake) – Vršič (stop Russian Chapel in pass) – Trenta, Soča valley (stop – source of the Soča) – (stop – center) – Boka waterfall (stop) – Trnovo ob Soči (stop – optional rafting) – Kobarid (stop – Napoleon’s bridge and Kozjak waterfall) – Most na Soči(stop) – Auto train (transfer from Most na soči to Bohinjska Bistrica) – Bohinj lake (stop) – Starting location

HOW AND WHEN? There is about three hours of driving with stops every few kilometers for outdoor activities, beautiful views and a real adventure.












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