Winter Approaches

Winter mountaineering severely differs from the summer mountaineering. In the wintertime we will never come across a crowd. There are many reasons for this, one of them being safety. Going to the mountains in the winter is far more dangerous, which is why it is safer to take this trip in the company of an experienced guide.


Price – easy tours: (Mojstrovka, Debela peč, Viševnik…)
1 participant
200€ per person
2 participants
110€ per person
3 participants
70€ per person
4 participants
55€ per person
Price – advanced tours: (Jalovec, Triglav, Špik…)
1 participant
250€ per person
2 participant
130€ per person
Price – easy mountain gorges: (Mojstrovka, Begunjščica…)
1 participant
220€ per person
2 participants
120€ per person
Price – advanced mountain gorges: (Teranova-Dolgi hrbet, Travnik…)
1 participant
280€ per person
2 participants
150€ per person
*Equipment: ice axes, crampons, helmet, harness, avalanche rescue kit – provided by us for 25€ per kit


All the tours are guided.
The rates apply for a mountain guide with an IFMGA licence per day or per tour.
If the tour is cut due to force major or incapacity of the guests the guide can charge full rate.
Transfer, food and drink are not included in the price.
We meet at pre-arranged location.
What you need: basic quality mountaineering equipment, appropriate mountaineering boots, backpack, warm clothing, gloves, a hat, personal ID
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