TNP-Winter fairytale

Explore with us Triglav National Park full of magical lakes, waterfalls and try yourself in snowshoeing on Vogel ski resort & Pokljuka plateau which are always packed with meters of snow.


The dynamic countryside with majestic mountain tops on one side, and on the other side steeply carved valleys, gorges with clear mountain streams, magical lakes hidden high between the mountains, rich forests and green pools, vegetation you can’t find anywhere else, animals which are tuned into a different beat of life, mountain pastures with freely grazing cattle, traditional farms, manufacture of products according to traditional methods… The list goes on and on.


Bled/Ljubljana – Bohinj lake (stop) – Savica waterfall (stop) – Vogel ski resort (stop) – Snowshoeing  Pokljuka plateau(stop) – Bled/Ljubljana

minimum number of persons is 4.  (if you are an individual don’t worry we will form a group for you)
from 1. October to 31. April
admission fees for Vintgar gorge, Savica waterfall , Vogel ski resort (cable car)
pick up in Ljubljana or any other pre-arranged location is not included
winter shoes and clothes
39 Euros per person*

WHY US? Because it is a beautiful day out there. Use it to discover wonderful and sometimes hidden spots around Slovenia. Come with us to discover karst caves, magical alpine lakes and valleys and coastal towns or have a thrilling experience in the unspoiled natural environment. With our professional guides you will experience all in one day, the wonderful beauty of Slovenia, history, local culinary delights… and you will spice all this up with an adventure that will get your blood pumping.
This one day will be the highlight of your holidays!


We start from Bled/Ljubljana or any other pre-arranged location at 8:30 a. m. and return around 15:30 p. m.
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