Jurij Urankar

He is the founder and owner of the agency.
He is a family man, manager, thrill seeker and, most of all, an outdoorsman. He is an adventurer, a fan of motorhomes, kayaker, angler, diver, a fan of tour skiing, a man with vast experience in the business world and even more in nature and travel. All in all, an old hand.
You will most likely find him somewhere in the water, in the air, maybe on top of a mountain or on the bottom of the sea. But in any case he is good company.
With his experience and a professional team of the Mamut Slovenija Agency, he will help make your dreams come true.

Bine Žalohar

Bine Žalohar. 27 years old graduate of Faculty of sport. Ski guide, alpine skiing instructor and coach, free style skiing instructor and coach, six time national champion in big air and slopestyle, member of the free style skiing national team, adrenalin and adventure parks instructor and more. He loves nature and all the outdoors activities.

Mitja Šorn

Mitja Šorn. PE professor, skiing and snowboarding instructor, adrenalin park instructor and mountain guide. He’s mountaineering from a young age and in 2002 he became member of AO Jesenice. In 2004 he became an alpinist and a member of mountain rescue service in 2006. He finished his mountain guide training in 2008.

Marko Mac Šimenc

Started riding mountainbikes way back in 1989 and got into the business in 1996, when he started guiding mountainbike tours for a number of companies. In 2003 he begun building the Kanin MTB park and opened his own Outdoor Freaks and MTB Galaxy company. License: UCI-compliant mountain bike instructor II.

Peter Draksler

He is one of the most experienced Slovenian diving instructors.
He is a senior diving instructor, Nitrox diving instructor, technical diving instructor, night time diving instructor. He has more than 2000 dives under his belt. You will be able to safely discover wonders of the underwater world in his company.

Aleš Ropret

Angling guide and one of the most experienced Slovenian anglers from Bohinjska Bistrica.
He is from Bohinjska bistrica. He’s been an active angler for the past 29 years and has won many national, club and cup championships. He was a supervisor at WFFC Slovenija 2012. He is a licensed referee for angling and casting and a licensed fish warden.
With his help you will have a perfect angling day.

Matjaž Pristavec

He is a multiple-time world champion and medal recipient from skydiving on target world championships and paraskiing.
He has more than 10.500 jumps under his belt and has been skydiving for a good 21 years. He is a member of the Slovenian skydiving national team.
In his personal life, he is a father of little Luka and together with his wife Jana are raising him in a sporting spirit

Zdravko Soklič

Angling guide and an old hand at angling, hailing from Bled.
He knows every fish and every fishing spot in the nearby rivers. He is a member of Fishing Association of Slovenia and a fish warden for the districts of the Fishing Club Bled (Sava Bohinjka). He is a winner of different competitions around Slovenia and competes at national championships for 15 years. He is an official national record holder from 1999 for the biggest fish caught on all national fly fishing competitions up till now. He is a member of Slovenian fly fishing national team, a participant at the European fly fishing championship 2008 in Spain, where he was the best placed Slovenian and the competitor with the biggest fish caught at the European championship 2008.

Primož Lajevec

He is a paragliding instructor and a pilot in a paragliding tandem.
He is a Secretary General of Aeronautical Association of Slovenia, a pilot and a guru of Slovenian paragliding. In tandem with him and his experience you will enjoy the flight of your dreams.
He and Miha Repovž set a new world altitude record in tandem paragliding from a hot air baloon from 8400 meters in 2004!!!

Borut Javornik

He is an outdoorsman and a great sportsman. He was the whitewater kayaking world champion and part of the Slovenian national team in Barcelona 1992 Olympics. He was at Atlanta 1996 and the Sydney 2000 Olympics as the coach of the Slovenian national team.
He is now sharing his vast knowledge as a kayaking instructor with beginners and experienced kayakers alike.
With his partner and his family, he operates a sporting and culinary fairytale at the homestead Javornik in Krka village on the banks of the beautiful Krka river.

Miha Repovž

He is a business jet pilot, aerobatic pilot, paragliding instructor and a pilot in a paragliding tandem.
All in all, he is one of the most experienced Slovenian pilots. With him you will feel safer on the panoramic flight, but if you are bolder you can experience the thrills of an aerobatic flight with him.
He and Primož Lajevec set a new world altitude record in tandem paragliding from a hot air balloon from 8400 meters in 2004.
-Marko Prezelj

Marko Prezelj

He is a mountain climber, climbing instructor, mountain rescuer, mountain guide and a photographer.
Since 1982 he did more than 2000 climbing tours in Dolomites, Alps, Himalayas, Karakoram, Patagonia, El Capitano, Rocky Mountains, Alaska, Scotland and many other places.Since 1982 he did more than 2000 climbing tours in Dolomites, Alps, Himalayas, Karakoram, Patagonia, El Capitano, Rocky Mountains, Alaska, Scotland and many other places.
He is the only Slovenian to receive one of the highest mountain climbing awards in the world, Piolets d’Or, three times.