Ski School

Our Agency offers individual lessons for one, for small groups (max. 4 people) or your family.


Individual ski lessons are the best and fastest way of learning since we can fully devote to an individual based on his/her knowledge be it a child or an adult, an experienced skier or a beginner. We will find the quickest way to knowledge for each and every one, so you can enjoy skiing even more. Just few individual ski lessons can bring great improvement with basic and advanced elements.


Learning under the watchful eye of our ski instructor is much faster since he can see your mistakes, whether this is wrong posture while turning, too slow when turning head or even wrong choice of equipment and binding settings, and correct them so you can improve.

Our instructor will be with you the whole skiing day from the first to the very last turn. He will wait for you in the morning at the cableway, help you with preparing your skis, animate your children have a good time with you…

You can ski or snowboard with us in all ski runs or snow parks in Slovenia and neighbouring countries.
We can provide transport from your home, apartment or hotel to the ski run of your choice and back.


Rate:160 Euros/per ski day*
* The rate applies for all-day arrangement which means from beginning to the end of working hours at the particular ski run. Included are maximum 3 hours of intensive lessons.
* We will start at the first snow and this should be in the first half of December. We will end our winter run in the second half of April but will ski together with you during school recess.
The rate is for a qualified and licensed ski instructor per day.
One instructor accepts max. 4 people.
Ski pass is not included in price.*
Skiing equipment is not included in price.*
We can help you with renting most suitable equipment.
We meet at a pre-arranged location.
Our transport to the meeting point: 0,60 Euros/km (for 1 to 8 people).
The use of transfer by a guide is 0,30 Euros/km (max 2 people)
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