Shepherd’s paradise

Herdsmen settlement on Velika planina is considered one of the few preserved settlements of this size in Europe!

“Shepherd’s song”

Veselo v Kamnik in urno naprej,
v prelepe planine odhajam, juhej;
zaukam veselo, pozabim skrbi,
vedno srce tja nazaj si želi.


1. Bled/Ljubljana


The trip begins in Bled/Ljubljana or any other arranged location.

2. Kamnik


Kamnik is an old medieval town, rich with history and cultural heritage. It has a soul. Old Kamnik is an administrative, cultural, tourist and industrial centre under southern slopes of Kamnik Alps.

3. Budnar Homestead

budnarjeva raj

Budnar’s house is a unique living museum of life of our ancestors. With its several hundred years old image, it preserves the heritage of old farmhouses and a simpler village life. Black kitchen with an open hearth which is still in use, a main room or “hiša” with a maple tree table and a “God’s corner”, a big bench, a “štampet” and a “mentrga” are just some of the features of this homestead.

4. Velika planina

Velika planina pastirska

Herdsmen settlement on Velika planina is considered one of the few preserved settlements of this size in Europe and attracts numerous visitors all year around. It has typical architecture which is a symbol of Velika planina. Cottages have a typical low roof covered with spruce shingles. In Kamnik area the shepherd’ cottage is known as “pastirska bajta” or “pastirski stan”, and the spruce shingles are locally known as “šinkel”. The settlement comes to life in June, when shepherd’s come here with their cattle and stay till September. They will be happy to invite you to taste their homemade dairy dishes or offer you a proper shepherd’s lunch – sour milk and hard-boiled corn mush.

5. Kamniška Bistrica

Kamnika bistrica-pastir

Kamniška Bistrica is a glacial valley running from Stahovica to the north of Kamnik and a mountain cottage Dom v Kamniški Bistrici where the Kamniška Bistrica river has its source. This cottage is also a starting point of many mountain trails into Kamnik Alps.

6. Kraljev hrib

Kraljev hrib

A solitary guest house attracts numerous visitors who wish to spend some time in pristine nature. It offers walks, paintball, Russian bowling, a mini zoo and many other attractions.

Paintball (optional)


Paintball is a team game for an excellent social sports day. Suitable for boys and girls of all ages. Paintball is a very interesting and fun game. You will laugh out loud when you see your friend covered in all kinds of colours. This game is a favourite with all ages so we recommend you try it.
minimum number of persons is 4.  (if you are an individual don’t worry we will form a group for you)
Best WW paintball in Slovenia on Kraljev hrib – 25 Euros
ticket for cable car and chair lift to Velika planina – 16 Euros for adults at the most
hiking boots, a windstopper and a warm fleece, some extra money for lunch and drinks (usually 10 to 15 Euros).
59 Euros per person* (Group size: up to 16 – 10 %)
Private tour: from 200 Euros/tour

ZPastirski raj-zemljevid


Bled/Ljubljana or any other arranged location – Kamnik (stop) – Budnar homestead (stop) – Velika planina (stop, trekking to Mala planina) – Kamniška Bistrica (stop) – Kraljev hrib (stop-paintball optional) – Starting location


We will start at 8.00 a.m. in Bled/Ljubljana or any other arranged location and drive to Kamnik to take a short sightseeing walk through town centre. At 9.00 a.m. we will continue to Budnar Homestead to take a tour of the homestead. At 11.30 a.m. we will drive through Kamniška Bistrica Valley and then take a cable car and a chair lift to Velika planina where we will arrive at around 12.30 p.m. We will take a recreational walk to Mala planina where we will take a tour of the shepherd’s settlement. At 4.00 p.m. we will descend back to the valley and continue to Kamniška Bistrica. We will end our afternoon at Kraljev hrib with different sports activities (optional paintball). At 7.00 p.m. we will head back to Starting location where we will arrive at about 7.45 p.m.


angceloten zemljevid

The ultimate day trip in Slovenia!


WHY US? Because it is a beautiful day out there. Use it to discover wonderful and sometimes hidden spots around Slovenia. Come with us to discover karst caves, magical alpine lakes and valleys and coastal towns or have a thrilling experience in the unspoiled natural environment. With our professional guides you will experience all in one day, the wonderful beauty of Slovenia, history, local culinary delights… and you will spice all this up with an adventure that will get your blood pumping.


This one day will be the highlight of your holidays!


HOW AND WHEN? There is about three hours of driving with stops every few kilometers for outdoor activities, beautiful views and a real adventure.
We start from Bled/Ljubljana or any other pre-arranged location at 8:00 a. m. and return around 7 or 8 p. m.


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