Scuba Diving

Under the surface of Bled Lake there is a new mysterious underwater world of freshwater creatures and plants. This world is quite different from the one under the sea. The number and size of the fish exceeds all expectations.

We offer something called the “Discovery Dive” for those who wish to try their hand at this beautiful sport. Under the guidance of our most experienced divers you will dive a few meters under the surface and experience the magic, adrenaline and beauty of this sport.


Explore the beauty of the Bled Lake

The average annual temperature of Bled Lake is 12 °C and rises to 21,5 °C in July. Therefore it is a very popular bathing spot and rowing location. Speedboat traffic is not allowed. There are 18 different species of fish in the lake along with some crayfish and shellfish. The water is clean and clear but visibility varies and depending on the season there is more or less life in the lake. The lake bottom is silted but there are more rocks near the shore. The lake is not only rich with fish, but plant life as well, such as the red and white lotus’ and many species of algae and reed. The coastal aquatorium of the lake presents a real challenge to underwater photographers as fish tend to stay in this part of the lake.

Scuba diving Bled

1hour 59* euros per person
Second (additional) dive
+ 1hour 49* euros per person
Discovery Dive
(Introductory dive for beginners)
1hour 69* euros per person
Dive under ice
1hour 89* euros per person
The whole experience lasts two to three hours.
*equipment and diving instructor included
We check your diving certificates before diving (not mandatory for Discovery Dive).
*10 Euros extra for boat rent (if diving by the island)
More experienced divers can try night diving or diving under the ice!
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