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Together with one of our best and most experienced Slovenian climbers and Alpine guides Marko Prezelj and Miha Šorn, we organize mountain tours of our beautiful Alps lasting one or more days. You will discover the most beautiful spots of Slovenian mountains and experience the beauty of Kamnik –Savinja Alps and Julian Alps.


Join us and experience more of the mountains than you thought possible.


Julian alps-ascent to triglav (3 day tour)
Triglav with its 2864 meters is the highest mountain in Slovenia and a classical climbing trophy. Even though according to folk lore everybody can do it alone, the guided tour is still a better option for all who wish to enjoy a safe visit to the highest point of Slovenia and see Triglav National Park – TNP.
We will start in Pokljuka and climb to Kredarica where we will spend the night. In the morning we will climb to the Triglav summit and descend through Triglav Lakes Valley to the cottage for another night. On the third day we will descend to Bohinje lake and freshen up.
On this tour you can see a lot of interesting little details on and around Triglav, which is a treasure throve of folk tales. On descent we can visit alpine herdsmen and learn about their lives and work.


The tour takes three days and is suitable for all that are capable of few hours walk in the mountains.
Rate: 660 Euros* for groups up to 5 people.

Triglav-join a group and conquer the highest mountain in Slovenia for a better price!
We are proud to present a new form of guided climbs of our highest mountain. From end of June till the end of September we will offer a guided climb of Triglav each Monday and Tuesday.
The starting point for the climb will be Krma valley. The program will vary on the weather conditions. We will choose the best time to climb to the top of Triglav, that will be either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.We will seep at Staničev dom, a small hut a bit of the main ways to Triglav, what means it is quiet and not busy.There is around 2000 meters of ascent and descent on the way. That will take between 12-18 hours in two days.
Be prepared to start at 7 am on Monday and finish on 4 pm on Tuesday. The time of departure and return may vary on weather conditions a bit, but it will stay somewhere between this hours.


The tour takes 12-18 hours of hiking in two days.
Rate:200 Euros* per person

Bohinj mountain pastures and Triglav National Park – TNP
Bohinj Lake is the biggest lake in Slovenia. On its shore is the renowned St. John The Baptist church and a bridge which is the symbol of Bohinj. This is where the four brave men started in 1778 for the first ever ascent to Triglav.
We will set out from Stara Fužina in the heart of Triglav National Park. We will traverse Vogar and Fužine alpine pastures and visit Triglav Lakes Valley to see all its natural beauty. We will also learn about Alpine dairy-farming and cheese making, still an important part of local economy.
This tour is suitable for all nature lovers. It is especially suitable for families with children.


The length of this tour can be adjusted according to wishes of the group.
Rate: 220 Euros* for groups up to 10 people.

Julian alps-Trenta valley and Soča Valley
The Trenta Valley is a true natural, ethnological and historical pearl. You will enjoy the source of Soča river, the Soča Trail, Alpine Botanical Gardel Julijana, Mlinarica and Soča gorge, marble trout, Lepena, indigenous sheep farming and cheese making, Boka Fall, Bovec, Kobardi Museum and many other interesting sights. with our experienced guide is a guarantee for succesfull day
We can tailor the tour to each group specifically. It is suitable for families and groups of up to 10 people.


The tour takes 8 to 10 hours.
Rate: 220 Euros* for groups up to 10 people.

Kamnik alps-Velika planina
Velika planina is an ethnological and pastoral peculiarity in Europe. The characteristic architecture, the relief, botanical curiosities, Preskarjeva bajta, Alpine herdsmen and the special cheese, trnič… are just some of the interesting things that will make you feel good.
We will start at mountain pasture Kisovec and ascend to Mala planina and continue our way to the Chapel of Our Lady of the Snow, Preskar museum and Veternica cave. After touring the Planina we can explore the surroundings and have a lunch in one of the cottages. We will also meet the shepherds and try to find the fragrant Kamnik Orchid. On our way back we can take a look at few hidden spots in Kamniška Bistrica valley.
This tour is suitable for all nature lovers who like to learn about human interaction with the nature. It is especially suitable for families with children.


The tour takes 5 to 7 hours.
Rate: 220 Euros* for groups up to 20 people.

Hiking tour tailored to your wishes

We can organize a hiking tour tailored to your wishes. Together with our experienced guides you can choose a suitable tour in Slovenia or abroad lasting a day or more.


Rate: 240 Euros* for a one day guided tour 
The maximum number of people for each tour is the sole discretion of the guide.
The rates apply for a mountain guide with an IFMGA licence per day or per tour. This is a rate for the whole guided group and is divided among participants.*
If the tour is cut short due to vis major or incapacity of the guests the guide can charge full rate.
Transfer, food, drink and lodging are not included in the price.*
What you need: basic quality mountaineering equipment, hiking boots, backpack, warm clothing, gloves, a hat, personal ID, money (for lodging and food in huts), food and drink.
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