High Ropes Course


What is Adrenaline Park?

The Adrenaline Park is an obstacle course with a height of 8 to 14 meters comprised of different exercises you can take on individually or in a group. Under supervision of an experienced and professionally trained instructor you will experience utterly new and unusual situations.


Adrenaline Park for whom?

The Adrenaline Park in Bohinj is available to individual guests and school, company and sports groups. Since all the exercises in the park are undertaken in pairs this is a great team building exercise for groups, greatly improving relationships within a group. Adrenaline Park is intended for adults. Children over the age of 11, with the minimum height of 150 centimeters, may try it as well.

Why the Adrenaline Park?

Tackling different exercises and obstacles 8 meters above the ground is a totally new way of fun. Aside from that, an adrenaline park helps improve coordination, particularly balance. After you complete the course your confidence will skyrocket since you will have conquered your inner fear of heights.

Giant Swing

With a climbing harness you will be strapped to the rope and lifted up 8 meters above the ground. Once there you will use a simple mechanism to let yourself go – down, forward and up. This adrenaline pumping experience is the highlight of their visit to the park for the majority of our guests.



The High ropes course adventure begins with a meet up in our office in Bled and drive to the the park in Bohinj. When the location is reached, you will get the equipment and some basic instructions from the guide. When you finish our guides will drive you back to the office.










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