Freeride Skiing

Freeride skiing has been known for a very long time, however it used to be known under different names. Freeride skiing is skiing outside of the arranged ski slopes. For the ascent, a cableway is used and when descending we experience the thrill of the unbeaten snow. Freeride skiing is an option for skilled alpine skiers, who get tired of skiing the beaten tracks, and ski tourers, who would like to improve their knowledge of skiing, or just wish to ski until they drop.

Freeride skiing will take place on a request. In front of the hotel, the guests will be picked up by a van and will be taken to Vogel ski resort, where the van will wait until we return. We will be skiing from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., we will also learn the basics of dealing with the avalanche rescue equipment.


at least 4 participants required
60€ per person
*Equipment: Avalanche rescue kit, helmet (recommended) – we provide it for 10€ per kit; the skiing equipment is provided by the guests themselves.


Ski pass (max. 30€) and lunch (cca. 10€) are not included in the price.
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