Cave Kayak

Ikona cave kayak2
Exploring the underground labyrinth with kayaking in the underground lake is a unique experience that will leave your breathless. The silent world of stone monuments that were carved throughout the centuries by our miners will fascinate you. Crystal clear water, magical underground caves and a peaceful silence promise an unforgettable experience.



Short description:
This underground adventure starts at the mining museum in Glančnik in Mežica and leads you to in 1994 abandoned lead mine in wonderful valley of Mežica. You board a genuine mining train which rides from the museum through the 3.5 km long Gačnik tunnel and up to Unionski vpadnik slope mine. From here you descend for 95 m and go down the stairs that lead to water. At this point you all receive the necessary protective equipment. Then you enter a flooded shaft where special three person kayaks are already waiting for you. Your guide leads you along a small underground river until you reach the magical underground lakes almost 700 m below the surface. You can now enjoy the peaceful and pristine water and explore the underground labyrinth, submerged tunnels and excavation sites. You will end your journey by following a narrow passage, paddling through some minor rapids and arriving back at the starting point.
After the kayak ride you will walk past the abandoned underground working sites to the mining train station. Allow your guide to take you back to a time when the mine was not immersed in silence, but rather full of miners working away with different tools and machines.
After a proper miner’s lunch the train will take you to the mining museum where you can admire a number of interesting collections. These display the daily lives and work of miners in the heart of Mount Peca as well as precious ores and minerals the wonderful creations of Mother Nature.


99€ per person


Meeting point
We meet at a prearranged location
Number of participants in group 
minimum number of persons is 4.  (if you are an individual don’t worry we will form a group for you)
4 hours in the cave; 10 hours including the transport
suitable for everyone (age limit is 10 years)
The price includes
Kayak equipment (kayak, mining helmet with a flashlight, paddle, life jacket, splash jacket, neoprene boots)
Equipment needed 
appropriate clothing and walking shoes (average temperature in the mine is 10 °C)




Experience a thrilling day trip and enjoy braving the rapids and discovering your abilities. You will negotiate the river and avoid rocks and discover most beautiful and wonderful places on the river while doing so.

Sava – fun for all family

Rafting on Sava river is a story that combine pure adventure and glorious nature. They say it`s a journey full of new discoveries. Discoveries that you should share it with your family or friends. During the entire 2h trip our experienced guides will entertain you with variety of exciting games to make this adventure a perfect story to tell…

Rafting Sava-Bled

Level of difficulty: easy,medium, 1th to 3th grade
Length: 10 kilometers
The whole experience takes about two hours.
Rate: 32 eur per person*
Meeting point is in our office in Bled.


Soča – classical descend from Boka to Trnovo

The most famous Soča descent starts near the beautiful 106 meter high Boka Falls in the vicinity of Žaga village. On the first part of the 10 km long descent, which is not all that demanding, we will prepare for the range of rapids we will encounter in the second, more demanding part of the way. The descent ends at the bridge in Trnovo.
Level of difficulty: medium, 3rd to 4th grade
Length: 10 kilometers
The descent takes approximately one hour and 20 minutes. The whole experience takes about two hours.
Rate: low season 40 eur per person*
           high season 44 eur per person*
Meeting point is in our office in Bovec centre. This village is on the road between Kobarid and Bovec in the heart of the Julian Alps on the Soča River and is an ideal starting point for river descents.


You need to bring your T-shirt, bathing suit and a towel.
All the necessary equipment (neoprene suit, neoprene boots, helmet, life jacket, paddle and windbreaker) included*.

We offer rafting within our  guided day trip, “Emerald River Tour” 





Explore hidden gorges, rappel, jump and slide down waterfalls. From easy family-orientated trips to advanced high-intensity canyons. You can choose between Sušec, Fratarica and Predelica canyon in Bovec and between Grmečica and Jerečica canyon in Bohinj.

Canyoning includes swimming through the canyon, jumping into the natural pools and slide down the natural slides. For canyoning you only need a swimsuit, a towel and a T-shirt. The instructor will find a suitable wetsuit and neoprene boots and a lifejacket for you. A van will take you to the starting point of the canyoning trip and then the same van will pick you up and take you back to the Bled when the trip is finished.


Canyoning in Bohinj

Grmečica canyon is pretty adventurous and bold. We use ropes to get over waterfalls and you can test your courage with a daring jump over an 8-meter waterfall into a natural pool.
Experience is required.
Jerečica canyon has many natural slides and descents. Rope is needed for individual rock jumps and for bold descents over waterfalls.
You can visit this canyon even on rainy days as the water flow is not very high.
Difficulty: Medium
59 eur
experience takes 3 – 5 h
Difficulty: Medium
59 eur
experience takes 3 – 5 h


Canyoning in Bovec

Sušec canyon – Natural Aqua Park at the bottom of mount Stol. Slickest, warmest, most popular and very wet. High jumps and funky slides are optional. Little use of ropes. Susec is a fantastic world for everyone including children. Easy access.
Fratarica canyon Grooved into the massive Loska Stena -Wall above the Meadow- full with features. Jumps, slides, short and long rappels. Pristine setting. Cascade Parabola is a cliffhanger. Say your prayer in the Katedrala. Good teamwork adds to the experience.
Predelica canyon is down from the Predel pass at the border with Italy clear streams lead us on a scenic alpine adventure. In cold winters a playground for iceclimbers; now summer, we slide and jump down cascades. Magnificent views of Loska Stena, green pools and a great diversity of rappels. The upper Predilnica has prime canyoning for beginners and advanced.
We hike through a bouldergarden towards the lower Predelnica. Early this century a massive mudslide rolled down from Mangart painting this secluded section grey. Occasionally a freefall feature, here we tackle many wet and fun rappels. Grand Finale is a 40 meter waterfall and we hike through the gorge down to the village of Log Pod Mangertom. Lower Predelnica is best for a canyoneer with some experience.
Difficulty: Easy
55 eur
experience takes cca. 2 h
Difficulty: Medium
89 eur
experience takes 4-5 h
Difficulty: Medium
89 eur
experience takes 4-5 h
Meeting point
Bled or Bovec office
Number of participants
Minimum 2 persons (if you are an individual don’t worry we will form a group for you)
The price includes
Canyoning equipment (neoprene suit, helmet, canyoning belt with safety rope, double cord, carabiner, figure eight).
Equipment we provide
Neoprene suit, helmet, canyoning belt with safety rope, double cord, carabiner, figure eight.
Equipment needed
swimsuit, towel, short sleeved T-shirt.



Kayaking whitewater is arguably one of the most beautiful sports and one of the most popular whitewater sports. Most river landscape is untouched nature offering you bountiful challenges while being swept away. Pure pleasure.

Kayaking is not only for adrenaline junkies. You can learn to do it in a short period of time and continue kayaking safely for as long as you are mobile – Planetwide.


Kayak on Sava Bohinjka

Whitewater kayaking is one of the most attractive activities on the Sava Bohinjka river. Sava Bohinjka is suitable for different levels of knowledge in different sections. It offers different levels of difficulty (from I to IV). If you’re a beginner we will take you to paddle in a more peaceful areas. If you have experience and you have already paddled some rapids, we will take you to a more dynamic part.

Kayak on Soča

The emerald green Soča river is a most popular kayaking destination in Slovenia! The Soča River with its tributaries offers a variety of difficulty levels, ideal for learning and improving techniques in all categories. Together with our partner we offer guided descents in all categories and skill levels.


Rate: 55 euros per person
Meeting point
We meet at previousy arranged location.
Number of participants in group
2-5 persons
1h30 min on the river; 2h30min including the transport
Class I – IV whitewater, all the guided descents are adjusted to the skill level and experience of the participants.
The price includes
Kayak equipment (kayak, helmet, paddle, spray deck, life jacket, splash jacket,
neoprene wetsuit, neoprene shoes) and Experienced Instructor/Guide.
Equipment needed
swimsuit, towel, short sleeved T-shirt.


ZIP-LINE Slovenia



Zip line is similar to a theme park ride and consists of a pulley suspended under a cable spanning between two high points. There is no engine and gravity alone will pull you along from one side to the another.

The Zip-line adventure begins with a drive up the mountainside in the instructor’s 4×4 car and the car drive is in itself worth the money for it’s 10km scenic mountain road.
One the starting point of the zip-line is reached, you will be harnessed onto the zip-wire and prepared for your flight.
Suspnede above the trees you will whizz down the line to the base of the mountain. The-zip lines are total 4 kilometres long, comprising of 5 lines approximately 500 metres each.
The estimated top speed is 40-60km/h and you will be flying 130-200 metres above the ground.


Price for Zip-line tour is 55 € per person. The entire adventure takes about 3 hours and all you need is a good
will and sports – trekking shoes.
OPENING TIME: Zip-line operates every day: at 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm (depends on the weather and number of participants).


Bovec has one of the Europes best Zip-line parks with amazing views from the zip-line. Hidden views of Soča river, Soča Valley and Bovec is Guaranteed to take your breath away.







jadralno padalo Bohinj4

If you want to experience the true feeling of flight we invite you to fly double – in tandem paragliding. No cabin, no noise, just a swish of winds high in the sky. You can enjoy a wonderful and peaceful panoramic flight without dynamic inserts or high speed and centrifugal forces… that thrill seekers enjoy.

Paragliding is available almost everywhere in Slovenia but the most popular spots are Krvavec and Bohinj. All terrains are unique in some way, a true paragliding paradise.
Krvavec with its impressive difference in elevation and Bohinj with its breathtaking Alpine panorama. If you wish we can photograph your flight and give you a lasting reminder of your paragliding experience. You get a CD with high-resolution shots and you can print your photos in any size you want.


Hardcore acrobatic flight! A special acrobatic tandem parachute (smaller, strengthened and generally state of the art), a special acrobatic pilot (skilled, reliable and keen) and a special acrobatic passenger (who yearns for 7 g’s, 150 km/hour speed etc.) – a great combination for an unforgettable experience never before seen in Slovenia!


Join us in the sky! Tandem paragliding is an exciting experience.



100 eur
Shorter panoramic paragliding flight. Difference of elevation 400 meters, approximately 20 or more minutes of flying time. Locations: Vogar (Bohinj), Gozd (Golnik), depending on weather conditions.
145 eur*          
Longer panoramic paragliding flight. Difference of elevation 1000 meters, approximately 30 or more minutes of flying time. Location: Vogel (Bohinj), Krvavec, depending on weather conditions.
165 eur*           
Longer paragliding flight + photographing. Difference of elevation 1000 meters, approximately 30 or more minutes of flying time.
200 eur*
Hardcore acrobatic flight. Difference of elevation 1000 meter, approximately 25 or more minutes of flying time.
The whole experience takes one to two hours, potential cable car transfer is not included in our rate.*
You need good hiking boots, casual clothing and sunglasses. We provide everything else.
We meet at a prearranged location.

Balloon Flight


Hot air balloon flights over Bled or Ljubljana!

Panoramic hot air balloon flight over Bled or Ljubljana is a unique experience. The flight is stabile but direction depends on the wind. Before you take to the air you will be able to see all the preparations of the balloon and after landing you will be baptized as a balloonist and receive a traditional Bled cream cake. We fly all year around in all seasons.
We fly with Balonarski center Barje. Every year they take a lot of domestic and foreign tourist up in the air. Our greatest qualities are expertise, safety, kindness, warmth and helpfulness to our guests.

You will be in the safe hands of kind and expert team of two experienced pilots and guys in the ground team accompanying us. We are proud that our guest leave us satisfied, happy and with unforgettable feelings.


The suitable weather conditions for flying are without precipitations, fog or strong winds lower to the ground. The pilot decides whether to fly or not since he’s responsible for the safety of his passengers.
At the prearranged hour (in the morning or in the afternoon) we gather at the meeting point, where the pilot will measure the wind direction and speed. Based on that he will decide where you will take off from. If at all possible we will consider your wishes.
We have several take off points depending on the wind on the particular day. We choose the take off point regarding wind direction and speed since the only thing moving the hot air balloon through the air is the wind. After we arrive at the take off point it takes about 15 – 20 minutes for the ground crew to prepare the balloon. Then you board it and the pilot takes you up in the air to experience some unforgettable moments. The flight runs for at least an hour to an hour and a half and then we land in the suitable spot. Ground crew is following you on the ground all the time and after landing packs up the balloon without guests help.
When the balloon is packed up it’s time for the traditional ceremony of baptizing a balloonist. If you meet all the conditions you get the title of noble Baron or Baroness, and you are named after the place where you landed. Then we return to the meeting point where we sit down for coffee and if you fly over Bled you get special Bled cream cake for free. And the pilot fills up and confers to you a diploma, your proof of your honorary and noble title of Baron or Baroness.


Flight over Bled
190 Euros per person
Flight over Ljubljana
170 Euros per person
If you wish to fly outside our flight schedule and for flying only one person we charge additional 40 Euros per person. For groups of more than 8 people we offer a 10 % discount. Children up to 12 years old accompanied by their parents get 15 % discount.


The whole experience takes four to five hours
We fly over Bled on tuesday, thursday and saturday.
We fly over Ljubljana on wednesday, friday and sunday.
Decisions concerning the place of lift-off and those concerning the flight are made exclusively by the pilot himself.
The morning flight usualy takes place at 6am.
You get free traditional Bled cream cake for free at the end (only if you fly over Bled)
We meet at a prearranged location.
We recommend similar type of clothes and footwear as needed for hiking in the hills in the same weather conditions. You need warm footwear (apres ski boots), warm parka or jacket, gloves, hat, muffler, sunglasses etc. Balloon reaches altitudes of 2500 – 4000 meters where the temperatures are much lower than on the ground. When flying in the balloon you don’t feel any winds since you are moving together with the air/wind.



High Ropes Course


What is Adrenaline Park?

The Adrenaline Park is an obstacle course with a height of 8 to 14 meters comprised of different exercises you can take on individually or in a group. Under supervision of an experienced and professionally trained instructor you will experience utterly new and unusual situations.

Adrenaline Park
3 – 45 people
29 Euros*
Adrenaline Park
children (under 14)
3 – 45 people
26 Euros*

Adrenaline Park for whom?

The Adrenaline Park in Bohinj is available to individual guests and school, company and sports groups. Since all the exercises in the park are undertaken in pairs this is a great team building exercise for groups, greatly improving relationships within a group. Adrenaline Park is intended for adults. Children over the age of 11, with the minimum height of 150 centimeters, may try it as well.

Why the Adrenaline Park?

Tackling different exercises and obstacles 8 meters above the ground is a totally new way of fun. Aside from that, an adrenaline park helps improve coordination, particularly balance. After you complete the course your confidence will skyrocket since you will have conquered your inner fear of heights.

Giant Swing

With a climbing harness you will be strapped to the rope and lifted up 8 meters above the ground. Once there you will use a simple mechanism to let yourself go – down, forward and up. This adrenaline pumping experience is the highlight of their visit to the park for the majority of our guests.
We meet at pre arranged location
Number of participants: 3 to 45
Necessary equipment: sports shoes and clothing, if you wear your hair long, you’ll have to tie them.
The course takes 1,5 to 2 hours to complete.
Adrenaline Park in Bohinj is located near hostel Pod Voglom right on the Bohinj Lake shore.
The giant swing is included in the price.*

You can try the Adrenaline Park within our guided day trip “A Piece of Heaven” from Ljubljana or Bled




Winter Approaches


Winter mountaineering severely differs from the summer mountaineering. In the wintertime we will never come across a crowd. There are many reasons for this, one of them being safety. Going to the mountains in the winter is far more dangerous, which is why it is safer to take this trip in the company of an experienced guide.


Price – easy tours: (Mojstrovka, Debela peč, Viševnik…)
1 participant
200€ per person
2 participants
110€ per person
3 participants
70€ per person
4 participants
55€ per person
Price – advanced tours: (Jalovec, Triglav, Špik…)
1 participant
250€ per person
2 participant
130€ per person
Price – easy mountain gorges: (Mojstrovka, Begunjščica…)
1 participant
220€ per person
2 participants
120€ per person
Price – advanced mountain gorges: (Teranova-Dolgi hrbet, Travnik…)
1 participant
280€ per person
2 participants
150€ per person
*Equipment: ice axes, crampons, helmet, harness, avalanche rescue kit – provided by us for 25€ per kit


All the tours are guided.
The rates apply for a mountain guide with an IFMGA licence per day or per tour.
If the tour is cut due to force major or incapacity of the guests the guide can charge full rate.
Transfer, food and drink are not included in the price.
We meet at pre-arranged location.
What you need: basic quality mountaineering equipment, appropriate mountaineering boots, backpack, warm clothing, gloves, a hat, personal ID



Skydiving in Slovenia. Conquer your fear and jump out of a plane in tandem. Dizzying heights, speed and the enjoyment of feeling like you are lying on the air…

Experience an awesome free fall at full speed!!!


Highly trained and experienced pilots with a minimum of 5000 jumps behind each of them and the latest, state of the art equipment will make sure your jump will be as safe as can be. Free falling is an indescribable experience, and it will ensure that you never forget your first jump off the plane. It’s simply “something more”
Tandem jumps are performed from altitudes of 3500 to 4000 meters which means free falling lasts 35 to 60 seconds.


Rate: 230 Euros
Price includes all necessary equipment and jumpsuit. You just need to bring sturdy and ankle-high sports footwear, gloves and courage.
The whole experience takes approximately 1 hour
The jumps are planned out at the airport in Bovec, Slovenj Gradec or by agreement, particularly with regard to the best conditions for flying.
Filming the jump: 40 eur
Minimum number of persons is 4.  (if you are an individual don’t worry we will form a group for you)

Aerobatic Stunt Flying

Aerobatic stunt flying Slovenia

Experience the energy,speeds and thrill of aerobatic stunt flying.

Climb in the state of the art aerobatic plane and awake that deeply buried aviator in you. After this you will know that even most expensive sports cars are nothing more than children’s toys.
The 25 minute aerobatic flight will thrill you with high speeds up to 450 km/hour and g forces up to 11 G’s. To give you a lasting memento we can videotape the flight.


Are you looking for something really thrilling?
Come with us into the world of aerobatics! Would you like to know how it feels when you take control of a plane into your own hands? Is flying a plane “really simple“? Or is it “unbelievably complicated“? See for yourself! Our aerobatic plane is manoeuvrable and very responsive. Experience the thrill of the plane doing exactly what you want from it, its amazing… And there’s more: You will be utterly safe with our experienced instructor.
Aerobatic flight
Video: 30eur
TOP Aerobatic flight
Video included in the price
The whole experience lasts approximately one hour within which there is 25 minutes of flying
You will fly with the Interavia I-3
We are flying from Jože Pučnik Airport (Brnik)
Airport charge (25 Euros) is not included in our rate*
We meet at a prearranged location
TOP aerobatic flight lasts 25 minutes and during the flight you take over the controls for five minutes. Video footage included in the price!

Airplane Scenic Flights


Airplane scenic flights. We offer panoramic flights with our Piper Warrior II. There’s room for 3 passengers (and for experienced pilot ). You can enjoy unforgettable views through big and now tainted windows in the comfort of the cabin. The interior is pleasurable, comfortable and covered in leather.

With this plane you can enjoy perhaps the most freedom of choice as we are able to conform to your wishes (safety permitting, of course). We can fly high or low, over this or that hill… wherever you want! You can take a look at your home town, your land and property, and you may film it all or take photographs.
Most common route is from Ljubljana airport over Bled and Bohinj lake to Triglav and back – the flight lasts 1 hour.
Of course we are able to fit your needs – tell us where you want to fly and we will do the math …


Calculation for some frequent destinations:
180 eur*
for 1-3 people
299 eur*
for 1-3 people
450 eur*
for 1-3 people
450 eur*
for 1-3 people
One hour flight according to your wishes
(with additional payment)
299 eur*
for 1-3 people
The whole experience takes one to two hours,
You fly with the Piper Warrior II airplane.
Airport charge (25 Euros) is not included in our rate.*
We take off from the Jože Pučnik Airport (Brnik). And we meet at a previously determined location.
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