Aerobatic Stunt Flying

Experience the energy,speeds and thrill of aerobatic stunt flying.

Climb in the state of the art aerobatic plane and awake that deeply buried aviator in you. After this you will know that even most expensive sports cars are nothing more than children’s toys.
The 25 minute aerobatic flight will thrill you with high speeds up to 450 km/hour and g forces up to 11 G’s. To give you a lasting memento we can videotape the flight.


Are you looking for something really thrilling?
Come with us into the world of aerobatics! Would you like to know how it feels when you take control of a plane into your own hands? Is flying a plane “really simple“? Or is it “unbelievably complicated“? See for yourself! Our aerobatic plane is manoeuvrable and very responsive. Experience the thrill of the plane doing exactly what you want from it, its amazing… And there’s more: You will be utterly safe with our experienced instructor.
Aerobatic flight
Video: 30eur
TOP Aerobatic flight
Video included in the price
The whole experience lasts approximately one hour within which there is 25 minutes of flying
You will fly with the Interavia I-3
We are flying from Jože Pučnik Airport (Brnik)
Airport charge (25 Euros) is not included in our rate*
We meet at a prearranged location
TOP aerobatic flight lasts 25 minutes and during the flight you take over the controls for five minutes. Video footage included in the price!
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