A piece of heaven

The Triglav National Park, the lakes, the waterfalls and the adrenaline are all mixed into a beautiful, local culinary delight named “Heavenly”.


1. Bled/Ljubljana


Bled is one of the most beautiful Alpine resorts in this part of Europe, with mild healing climate and thermal lake water. The beautiful mountains are mirrored in the lake water and the sun, tranquillity and fresh air provide enjoyment for visitors in all seasons. They like to come back because of its beauty and charm.

 2. Vintgar gorge


One of the greatest, most beautiful and most renowned natural monuments around Bled is the 1,6 kilometers long Vintgar gorge. The wonderful green Radovna river has pools, falls and rapids running through it. It is 250 meters deep. The trail traverses wooden bridges and at the end of the Vintgar gorge there is a 13-meter fall, Vintgarski Šum.

3. Pokljuka


Pokljuka is a high wooded karst plateau in the Julian Alps. It is the largest wooded area in Triglav National Park. The hidden chasms, overgrown potholes, sinkholes and valleys are the result of the once existing Pokljuka glacier. On Pokljuka we will eat at one of the tourist farms.



Zajamniki mountain pasture is located at the western edge of Pokljuka and offers some spectacular views. Because of this it is known as the Pokljuka balcony. In the clear weather you can see Triglav behind the mighty Tošč and the line of summits of Mišelj vrh, Debeli vrh and other on the horizon. At the right hand side there are Veliki Draški vrh known for its difficult climbing routes, and Ablanca. To the south and southeast the view opens over the Bohinj Lake and Vogel to the mountains silhouetted in the distance. The mountain pasture itself is renowned for its shepherd’s cottages standing on a virtual street. The mountain pasture is protected as a monument and is a true jewel of the mountains.



While roaming around beautiful Pokljuka, we will stop at the local mountain farm and try some delicacies. Snack is included in the price

4. Bohinj


Bohinj Lake, with its 3,19 km2, is the largest permanent natural lake in Slovenija. It lies in the Julian Alps at 526 meters above sea level between Pršivec to the North and Vogel to the South. This is one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovenija and a true paradise for different outdoor activities.

Paragliding (optional)


If you want to experience the true feeling of flight we invite you to fly double – in tandem paragliding. No cabin, no noise, just a swish of winds high in the sky.

Adrenaline park – High ropes course (optional)


The Adrenaline Park is an obstacle course built on 8 meter wooden pillars. Under supervision of an experienced and professionally trained instructor you will experience utterly new and unusual situations.

5. Savica waterfall

Slap Savica-Koscek nebes

Savica is a karst fountainhead, waterfall and a creek which forms a delta at it’s flow into Bohinje lake. Savica waterfall is one of the most beautiful and renowned waterfalls with its romantic touch and historical significance. It is one of the most visited waterfalls in Slovenia.

ZKoscek Nebes-zemljevid


Bled/Ljubljana or any other arranged location – Vintgar (stop)– Pokljuka (stop, snack at a farm) – Bohinj (stop – paragliding or adrenalin park) – Savica waterfall (stop) – Starting location


This one day will be the highlight of your holidays!


HOW AND WHEN? There is about three hours of driving with stops every few kilometers for outdoor activities, beautiful views and a real adventure.
We start from Bled/Ljubljana or any other pre-arranged location at 8:00 a. m. and return around 7 or 8 p. m.


PRICE: 59 Euros per person


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